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Google Tackles Energy

I suppose if anyone’s gonna solve the energy problem, google will.  Power to the problem solver geeks!

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Big Brother

You’d think with the number of dystopias i’ve read and the pervasive someone’s-watching-me feel of Cairo, this wouldnt creep me out so much.

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I came across this website. Basically, 100 pictures are taken of people’s faces (in a single city/location) and then some sort of algorithm is used to estimate what the average person born of this gene pool would look like many generations down the line. It seems to have been borne of the contrast between the heterogeneity in more modern metropolises like London and the seeming racial uniformity (or “coalesc[ing] around a mean”) of Istanbul, a one-time metropolis of diverse races. There are only a few cities in but they welcome (including instructions) contributions.

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Space China

One more area where China is pushing for influence despite US obstruction. Excerpt:

Beijing is trying to position itself as a space benefactor to the developing world – the same countries, in some cases, whose natural resources China covets here on Earth. The latest, and most prominent, example came last week when China launched a communications satellite for Nigeria in a project that serves as a tidy case study of how space has become another arena where China is trying to exert its soft power.

Not only did China design, build and launch the satellite for oil-rich Nigeria – it also provided a huge loan to help pay the bill. China has also signed a satellite contract with another major oil supplier, Venezuela. It is developing an earth observation satellite system with Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Mongolia, Pakistan, Peru and Thailand. And it has organized a satellite association in Asia.

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