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is a euphemism for microdebt.

There is no credit without debt. But, more importantly, let’s call it what it is to the people we claim to be trying to help.

Also,”micro” is kind of inappropriate. 50 bucks may be micro to even a hobo in America, let alone GoldmanSachs. But it’s major money to the people who take on this debt.

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Here’s an article by Vandana Shiva, Ph.D., a physicist, environmentalist, feminist, science policy advocate and director of Navdanya and the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology essentially on how monoculture, non-organic, chemical-fertilizer-and-irrigation-dependent, non-renewable, genetically modified, corporate, IP-protected seeds are fucking farmers.

.. and an interview with her.

This is really, seriously, one of the most heinous crimes committed by the neoliberal, brettonwoods, corporate, capitalist agenda. It makes me nauseous every time i read about the issue. Within as little as a single growing season, entire regions of farmers go from self-reliance to debt so daunting that they see no solution but suicide. 200 THOUSAND in India in a dozen years. India is where it’s most visible, but i’ve read similar reports from Egypt.

Even without the suicides. So much economic devastation for profits.

So depressingly, painfully sad. And such a crime.

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I figured this warranted its own post since it’s about the shift to the desert suburbs leaving the slums behind in old Cairo:

I like the sound and images, but i find the commentary to be mediocre. I think there’s much more to be said about this issue.

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The UN’s Human Development Report for this year is out and it focuses on, surprise surprise, climate change. Havent read it yet. But here’s the press release.

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As OPEC looks set to request assurances that demand wont decrease (hah!) as especially the US and Europe pursue other sources of energy in return for investing significantly in expanding production capabilities, someone finally looks at what these prices mean to people other than the gas excreters and guzzlers swimming in dollars and debt, respectively.

The article raises the question of what happens when rising oil prices mean that governments cannot continue to sustain the debt incurred through subsidies. Inflation is one thing, but fuel prices suddenly jumping could (and have been) be something else entirely.

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George Monbiot argues that governments continue to avoid hard decisions by promoting converting crops for biofuel production – a process which often produces more carbon than petroleum and causes starvation by limiting already stretched food supplies.

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I love this: i can improve my vocab and feed people in one fell swing.

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