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I’d heard late last week that Wael Abbas’ shut-down YouTube account had been reactivated. Apparently, according to Wael, that’s all that has been done – as opposed to “restored”, as they claim in their statement. Everything on the account has, it seems, disappeared. If that’s the case, then what a lame, meaningless, empty, face-saving gesture!

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Google Tackles Energy

I suppose if anyone’s gonna solve the energy problem, google will.  Power to the problem solver geeks!

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Yamli: Search in Arabic

Yamli is absolutely brilliant. I’ve spent the last half hour at a loss for how to express my happiness with it. It’s a website that let’s you enter transliterated Arabic which it converts into arabic script. For me, that’s enough. But it also lets you search in google and provides an editor for longer pieces.

Thanks to the Arabist for the pointer.

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MidEast outsourcing hotspot

Bumped into this article in WSJ online. It’s about the innate advantages, increased courting, and international interest in several regional countries (Egypt, UAE, Jordan for anglophone  and north africa for francophone customers). Yay smart village!

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HR Info has issued a report [look here; press release], that i havent really read, on the use of human rights in online arabic media. The claim to use qualitative and quantitative analysis of 8 outlets over the year 2006. The report is supposed to also include a section on the links between HR organizations and the media. Seems like it’s worth a look if you have the time.

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Aid’s bloomberg?

Sebastian Mallaby praises the Development Executive Group, that centers on a website designed to act as a clearing house for development and aid procurement and employment. He goes as far as to compare it to what bloomberg has done for finance. It’s a great idea that will hopefully go a good way towards solving some of development’s worst lack of competition-based problems. But there is still a long way to go. More from FT.

Indeed, i often experience the glaring hole online where development should be. It seems to me that people around the world could stand to benefit from project designs, best practices, reports and much more being uploaded and cataloged. It’s depressing how difficult this information is to come by, especially without a credit card. There are, of course, some great initiatives, but they tend to be geographically isolated at best and are often not updated. In an age of collaboration, it seems strange to me that the sector that is supposed to be the most concerned with cooperation and development is the one that’s taken the longest to jump onto the networked, knowledge sharing, folksonomied wiki world (or web 2.0, if you will).

Perhaps developmentex can eventually grow into such a resource. Or at least inspire some other initiative.

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Google on Immigration

Google entered the US immigration debate as business leaders testified in congress. Generally my inclination is to agree that in order to keep up with international competition in knowledge-based industries, particularly ICT, the US will as ever have to rely on human imports. There’s no way they can keep up with India, China, SE Asia and even Egypt, which is increasingly trying to push IT as its economy-driving industry.

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