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Managing the tension between an activist heart and a critical mind is stressful.

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is a euphemism for microdebt.

There is no credit without debt. But, more importantly, let’s call it what it is to the people we claim to be trying to help.

Also,”micro” is kind of inappropriate. 50 bucks may be micro to even a hobo in America, let alone GoldmanSachs. But it’s major money to the people who take on this debt.

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I think the USA needs to reverse its founding motto to: “No Representation with Taxation”.

Why do corporations get such an inordinate amount of influence on politics, including being considered “persons” by a corrupt SCUSA, when they hardly pay taxes? Maybe this is what #OccupyWallStreet should call for.

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This weekend i looked over into the cab next to me and sighted a veil form i had yet to see. This was one of the youngish, fashionable types wrapped up into a ball at the back of the head. The layers were greens and white. The innovation: a small, inch-wide, translucent visor at the front. And, no, it wasnt a hat. It was a veil with a visor.

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I love this: i can improve my vocab and feed people in one fell swing.

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Foule for thought

The United States is to Europe as Rome is to Greece: a less-sophisticated, militaristic corruption.

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