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  • – The usual BS:
    – "He [Zionist bitch and all-round weasel, Abul Gheit] added that the Rafah border crossing will be open only between January 3 and 6. “The Egyptian state and people paid a very high price and paid with their blood for more than 50 years in support of the Palestinians. No one should compare himself with what Egypt did and is still doing for the Palestinians.”"
    – 48 was an Arab cause, not a Palestinian one. There was no state of Palestine.
    – 56: we nationalized the canal, they attacked. nothing to to with Palestine
    – 67: We were dumb enough to walk into that shit with a third of our army in Yemen and the huge budget drains of "export the revolution" BS.
    – 73: We were fighting for OUR land that we were dumb enough to lose in the first place.
    – Since then we've been on a steady track towards Zionist Allies. – 50 years my fucking ass. Sure, the Egyptian people have suffered BECAUSE the regime has been on the wrong side of history for 30 years.
  • part 2/2 of translation of part 1/3 of the shorouk interview
  • – "A German computer engineer said Monday that he had deciphered and published the secret code used to encrypt most of the world’s digital mobile phone calls, saying it was his attempt to expose weaknesses in the security of global wireless systems.

    The action [..] aimed to question the effectiveness of the 21-year-old G.S.M. algorithm, a code developed in 1988 and still used to protect the privacy of 80 percent of mobile calls worldwide. [..]

    “This shows that existing G.S.M. security is inadequate,” Mr. Nohl, 28, told about 600 people attending the Chaos Communication Congress, a four-day conference of computer hackers that runs through Wednesday in Berlin. “We are trying to push operators to adopt better security measures for mobile phone calls.”"
    – Of course:
    – "The G.S.M. Association, the industry group based in London that devised the algorithm and represents wireless companies, called Mr. Nohl’s efforts illegal and said they overstated the security threat to wireless calls."

  • – "But from an economic point of view, I’d suggest that we call the decade past the Big Zero. It was a decade in which nothing good happened, and none of the optimistic things we were supposed to believe turned out to be true."
    – "So here’s what Mr. Summers — and, to be fair, just about everyone in a policy-making position at the time — believed in 1999: America has honest corporate accounting; this lets investors make good decisions, and also forces management to behave responsibly; and the result is a stable, well-functioning financial system.

    What percentage of all this turned out to be true? Zero.

    What was truly impressive about the decade past, however, was our unwillingness, as a nation, to learn from our mistakes"

  • Bottom line: USG supports the siege of Gaza, offers excuses & stonewalling. During meeting political officer Greg Logrefo confirmed that US Army Corps of Engineers is providing technical assistance to build underground wall.
  • Today, search engines like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft’s new Bing have become the Internet’s gatekeepers, and the crucial role they play in directing users to Web sites means they are now as essential a component of its infrastructure as the physical network itself. The F.C.C. needs to look beyond network neutrality and include “search neutrality”: the principle that search engines should have no editorial policies other than that their results be comprehensive, impartial and based solely on relevance.
  • translation of shorouk interview (part 1)
  • وكانت الحكومة الباكستانية قد قررت تعيين ( اكبر زب ) سفيرا في الامارات ولكن طلبها قوبل بالرفض .. فحاولت تعيينه في البحرين فرفض طلبها ولما بعثت تستمزج السعودية في احتمال تعيينه سفيرا لها لدى ال سعود جاء الرفض السعودي مثل الاماراتي والبحريني غير مبررا ولم يوضح الاسباب مما دفع الحكومة الباكستانية الى الاعتقالد ان هناك ضغوطا امريكية تحول دون تعيين ( اكبر زب ) سفيرا لدى دول مجلس التعاون الخليجي
  • The are translations of purported leaked documents from State Security, reporting on the steps enacted to monitor three pres candidates and their families and associates: ayman nour, baradie, and hamdeen sabbahi

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  • "You're not done yet. And neither are we"
  • – "ubsequent experiments demonstrated that most alloys can be trained to form two different shapes, one in each phase, by repeated heating, cooling, deforming, and reheating. Once trained, a shape-memory alloy “remembers” both shapes and can change from one to the other indefinitely."
    – "A nitinol engine of the future could be powered by making use of the distinct layers of water of different temperatures that exist in deep lakes and reservoirs: the nitinol rods would perform like pistons as they react to temperature changes. With the approaching depletion of the fossil fuels on which modern technology depends, shape-memory alloys may hold a key to future energy requirements."
  • aside from fertilizer: paper, insulation, bldg materials, electricity
  • – "In Copenhagen, the world’s richest leaders continued their fiery fossil fuel party last Friday night, ignoring requests of global village neighbors to please chill out.

    Instead of halting the hedonism, Barack Obama and the Euro elites cracked open the mansion door to add a few nouveau riche guests: South Africa’s Jacob Zuma, China’s Jiabao Wen (reportedly the most obnoxious of the lot), Brazil’s Lula Inacio da Silva and India’s Manmohan Singh. By Saturday morning, still punch-drunk with power over the planet, these wild and crazy party animals had stumbled back onto their jets and headed home."
    – "So if only two things were accomplished in Copenhagen, they were the unveiling of Pretoria, Delhi, Beijing and Brasilia as willing criminal accomplices to the Washington/Brussel/Tokyo/Melbourne/Ottawa axis, and the rise of Climate Justice Action, Climate Justice Now!, 350.org and parallel movements whose hundreds of thousands of protesters swarmed streets of the world’s cities."

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  • To those who would blame Obama and rich countries in general, know this: it was China's representative who insisted that industrialised country targets, previously agreed as an 80% cut by 2050, be taken out of the deal. "Why can't we even mention our own targets?" demanded a furious Angela Merkel. Australia's prime minister, Kevin Rudd, was annoyed enough to bang his microphone. Brazil's representative too pointed out the illogicality of China's position. Why should rich countries not announce even this unilateral cut? The Chinese delegate said no, and I watched, aghast, as Merkel threw up her hands in despair and conceded the point. Now we know why – because China bet, correctly, that Obama would get the blame for the Copenhagen accord's lack of ambition.

    China, backed at times by India, then proceeded to take out all the numbers that mattered. [..] No one else, perhaps with the exceptions of India and Saudi Arabia, wanted this to happen.

  • Egypt’s opposition groups, including both legal parties and the Muslim Brotherhood, have been in disarray since the regime introduced stifling constitutional amendments in 2007. These measures limit the oversight powers of the judiciary in elections, fail to set term limits on the presidential mandate, and ban religiously affiliated political activities.

    While opposition forces have been exclusively focused on the one issue – Gamal Mubarak’s possible ascendancy – the Egyptian regime has been carefully creating an environment which will sustain its rule. The ruling elite is no newcomer to this game. They have consistently manipulated the political process by preventing the opposition from registering candidates in elections, obstructing the campaign process, and fomenting violence on election day.

    In contrast to the ruling elite’s clear direction, the opposition has no guiding compass and is left wandering through the challenges posed by the political agenda in Egypt.

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  • The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) said that a bill, backed by the majority of the U.S. Congress, penalising Arab satellite channels considered "enemies of the United States" was a blow to freedom of expression and represented a betrayal of U.S. promises to improve its poor record on civil and political freedoms locally and internationally.

    On 8 December 2009, the majority of Congress – 395 of a total 495 members, with only 3 voting against – voted to impose sanctions on satellite channels that broadcast content that could be interpreted as "hostile to the United States" and to consider the owners of these channels as supervising "terrorist organizations."

    ANHRI said, "This bill severely conflicts with international standards and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights ratified by the United States, and repeats many of the serious mistakes of the former U.S. administration . . . "

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