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  • "[Kefaya] has taken serious measures to launch a legal battle against Gamal Mubarak, inquiring about the source of his wealth and accusing him of taking up political roles that they claim are unconstitutional.
    The movement will call on Mubarak, who is currently the general secretary of the policies committee of the ruling National Democratic Party, to submit his personal financial statements, added Qandil. The movement claims that his fortune amounts to about $750 million.
    “On the political front, Mubarak has unlawfully posed for political roles that are not outlined in either the constitution or any Egyptian law,” said Qandil
    “Heading ministerial meetings, meeting with the governors, drafting laws, making political and administrative decisions are the duties of the president. By law, no one has the right to take these decisions other than the president,” Qandil said, adding that even Mubarak’s current position in the NDP does not allow him to take up such roles. "
  • "A top Italian prosecutor Wednesday made his case against 26 US secret agents accused of snatching a terror suspect from a Milan street and sending him home to Egypt where he claims he was tortured.
    "No one could seriously argue that they were in Italy for other reasons" than to abduct Milan imam Abu Omar and transfer him to Cairo via two US military bases, said Amando Spataro, citing detailed aviation, cell phone, rental car and hotel records.
    Interpol has issued international arrest warrants for all 26, but successive Italian governments have declined to seek their extradition from the United States, while government lawyers sought to have the case thrown out as a threat to national security.

    The issue went before Italy's Constitutional Court, which agreed that part of the investigation had violated state secrecy provisions but said the prosecution could use evidence obtained correctly"

  • "Trade representatives from 12 of the least developed countries in Asia and Africa met officials from the WTO, World Bank, the European Commission and United Nations agencies in Phnom Penh to discuss accession to the organisation.

    Cambodian Commerce Minister Cham Prasidh said his country wanted the meeting to help prepare other impoverished nations for the risks involved in negotiations with the global body.

    "We want to share our own experience in negotiating to join the WTO…(and) now we are trying to push for more LDCs (Least Developed Countries) to join," Cham Prasidh told reporters.

    "What we do is we try to, a little bit, lower their negotiation conditions so that those remaining LDCs can join without having to pay a very high ticket price," he said.

    Fellow WTO members Cape Verde and Nepal joined Cambodia providing advice to officials from Afghanistan, Bhutan, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Laos, Sudan, Vanuatu, Yemen, Comoros, Liberia, Samoa and Sao Tome and Principe."

  • Canada’s initiative to temporarily make available USD$2.6 billion [CAD$2.8 billion] to the African Development Bank (AfDB) represents a 200 percent increase in its level of shares in the Bank, and is a further demonstration of Canada’s commitment to Africa. This initiative will allow the AfDB to increase lending by 75 percent compared to its original planned lending for 2010.
  • "Iran on Monday test-fired its long-range Shahab-3 missile which it says could hit targets in arch-foe Israel, as the Revolutionary Guards staged missile war games for the second straight day.
    Iran says the weapon has a range of 1,300-2,000 kilometres (800-1,240 miles), which would put Israel, most Arab states and parts of Europe including much of Turkey within its range."

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  • "
    This is what the prospects for real health care reform come down to — whether one of three Republicans from tiny states with no major urban populations decides, out of the goodness of his or her cash-fattened heart, to forsake forever any contributions from the health-insurance industry (and, probably, aid for their re-election efforts from the Republican National Committee).
    In the real world, nothing except a single-payer system makes any sense. There are currently more than 1,300 private insurers in this country, forcing doctors to fill out different forms and follow different reimbursement procedures for each and every one. This drowns medical facilities in idiotic paperwork and jacks up prices: Nearly a third of all health care costs in America are associated with wasteful administration. Fully $350 billion a year could be saved on paperwork alone if the U.S. went to a single-payer system

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