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I just heard that Salma Said, Khaled AbdelHamid, Malek, Sabri El Sammak and at least 3 journalists have been arrested outside of the Arab League building in  Tahrir.  The activists were protesting in support of Gaza

UPDATE 1:05pm The number i am getting is 13-15 arrests. Apparently they have been shoved into micobuses. The few that havent been arrested are being followed around downtown.

UPDATE 1:20pm 4 arrests in Arish. People are convening at Hisham Mubarak to discuss action.

UPDATE 3:05pm 21 detainees in three cars: 1 outside bahtim police station; 1 headed towards maadi (my guess is either the khayyala in basateen or somewhere around tora); 1 under dar el qada2.  Apparently there’s a “harsh crackdown at syndicate” with dozens more being detained as i write.

UPDATE 5:00 Several updates: Apparently massive out of control protest on ramsis at 330. Has been contained since with lots of violence. There are rumors of tear gas. Over 100 arrested. Rumors of people in modereyyet il amn. One tar7eelat car in Tagammo3 with 17 detainees including khaled abdalla, a lebanese reporter, laila soliman, rasha 3azab. truck number 27692. The one in bahteem has 13 people.


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