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Loose Change

I just watched, Loose Change: 2nd Edition, a documentary that laid out the most compelling case i’ve seen yet for at the very least US government complicity if not outright orchestration of 9/11. Yes, conspiracy theories have abounded since day one. And, yes, as a friend watching with me pointed out, you have to be weary of conclusions after being bombarded by over an hour of audiovisual content. Nevertheless, their argument essentially is that there remain many inconsistencies and unanswered questions and much evidence of another plausible version of the events.

The link is to the official website which has download links and more information.


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World Politics Watch has an article by Peter Glover that takes a look at prospects for a European Army in light of Merkel’s aspirations as Germany presides over the EU.

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OpinioJuris posted this WSJ article by Eric Posner which essentially claims that human rights have done little (or nothing) to improve the lot of mankind (as opposed to liberal democracies which have). It’s ultimately one more scholarly justification of the US’s amoral international “leadership” which the comments on the OJ post are quick to debunk. Worth reading for the angle.

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HRW released a statement a few days ago on the government’s shutting down of two offices of the Center for Trade Union and Workers’ Services (CTUWS) which has been a major catalyst, through raising laborers’ awareness of their legal rights, for the widespread labor unrest in recent years, particularly among the Ma7alla textile workers.

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The New Anti-Anti-Semites

The New Republic had this brief article a couple of weeks back by John Judis (it’s subscriber only, but it’s posted here at carnegie) in which he takes apart some of the claims of anti-semitism by American pro-Israelis.

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Amnesty on Egypt’s HR Abuses

Amnesty recently published a report detailing Egypt’s HR abuses in the name of security.

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